The following workshops will take place at the ISLE conference 2014:

Brook Bolander, University of Zurich
Till Mostowlansky, University of Bern
Traversing super-, trans-, and inter-: Central and South Asia revisited
Marianne Hundt, University of Zurich
Sandra Mollin, University of Heidelberg
Simone Pfenninger, University of Zurich
The Changing English Language: Psycholinguistic Perspectives
Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Building bridges into the future: Can we predict linguistic change?
Christoph Schubert, University of Vechta
Laurenz Volkmann, University of Jena
Pragmatic Perspectives on Postcolonial Discourse: Linguistics and Literature
Bert Cappelle, University of Lille 3
Ilse Depraetere, University of Lille 3
Modal meaning in Construction Grammar